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Fuko is one AV Idol with a pair of huge tits. You can see in these images just how huge her breasts are. In a skimpy bikini top that looks like two small patches of fabrics, her huge tits are bulging out. See how juicy her boobies are in these pictures courtesy of Busty-Asians.com

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I am amazed that a Bikini top even exists in Fuko‘s size! I hear girls western girls complaining it is hard to find nice bikinis and bras to hold around their DD Cup mammories! Imagine living in Japan where the average girl is lucky to be a B Cup. Bra and Bikini shopping in Japan for Fuko must be some feat, but I (and the rest of you booblovers) would be more than happy to help her out in the change rooms! Anyway, you all know where to go for pics and videos of Japanese girls with ultra large tits – Busty-Asians


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These are just a few of the movie captures from Fuko’s first hardcore movie. Finally, this busty Japanese bikini model will now be taking off her top and will be exposing her huge tits bare. For many of Fuko’s fans, this is exactly what we have been waiting for. We’ve all been wanting to see what is hidden under the tight tops she’s always wearing. Now, we’ll know exactly just how her bare tits really look like.

For more images from Fuko’s hardcore movies, or  if you want to download the full movie, visit Busty Asians.

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Japan is known for it’s interesting history, culture and a very long list of AV Idols. One popular name in the list is Fuko, a large breasted model who’s never shy in displaying her breasts. She has appeared in numerous pictorials, magazines and videos and that’s ll because of her cute smile together with her big boobies. Just like in this set of photos where Fuko packs her enormous tits in that tight bikini. That skimpy bikini not only emphasizes the size of her tits but also demonstrates how big her fleshy package really are.

Examine these photos of this hot busty Japanese AV Idol courtesy of BustyAsians.Com

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The farmers were humbled by this hot big breasted Asian when she showed them her watermelons. Fuko’s tits are so huge they are bigger than any of the watermelons in this farm. Just look at how small those watermelons are when her boobs rest on them.

Fuko’s tits are really awesome. One of the very few busty Asians that could ever possess boobs bigger than watermelons and Fuko’s kind enough to share it to all of us. To fully appreciate the generosity of this big titted oriental beauty, stare at these photos of Fuko’s watermelons courtesy of Busty-Asians.

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